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the people at defining skin are awesome. BEST TATTOO EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!! if u are in ohio getting a tatt, come here, nicole, sam, and Shannon were here tonight. it was great and relaxed. they all kept us laughing and smiling the whole time. they even took down the picture of the clown that freaked me out. LOVED IT. sam did our work, he took time to hand draw everything before he put it on our skin. they kept us comfortable and happy.
Anna Rector
Defing Skin is a great place to get a tattoo, I have gotten a tattoo done at another place and after getting one at Defining Skin I realized that nothing matches their professionalism and tattoo quality. Shannon Thomas and his staff do a great job and are extremely friendly, time flys by when you get in conversations with them. The store is always kept clean and neat. If your looking for a place to get a tattoo STOP YOUR SEARCH NOW AND GO TO DEFINING SKIN!!!
Nick Stanton
I have gotten a couple tattoos here and would go no where else!!! The people are great also!
Patrick Hibbler
It's not often that you find a place so full of talented and professional tattoo artists. I am due for another tattoo and don't currently live in Ohio, but have been waiting until I can visit Columbus just so I can go here. I highly recommend checking out their website and/or contacting them if you are even considering a tattoo -- you won't be disappointed!!
Stephanie Kidder
Just got my tattoo yesterday afternoon and could not be more happy. It looks great and I love it. Everyone is so impressed with how great it looks. Shannon does a great job and will really get you what you want. I will be back soon for another.
Brian Crosby

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