Hi everyone, my name is Will, and I’ve been tattooing professionally in the great city of Columbus for three years now. My tattooing is heavily rooted in a neotraditional style with a large focus on clean line work, smooth color blends and heavy contrast to give you a beautiful tattoo that will hold the test of time. I especially love tattooing anything nature related like animals, bugs, skulls, plants, crystals and mushrooms, and tend to add these elements into my tattoos when I can. I also really like switching it up and diving into American traditional and full color realism tattooing from time to time. On my days off I’ll typically be found outdoors hiking, taking my dog to the park or drawing on my patio with a glass of whiskey. For a more up to date list of my tattoos give me a follow on Instagram @mothmantattoos and email me at Will@DefiningSkin.com for booking. Please contact me about booking and have a confirm a day and time with me before putting down a deposit.