Traditional Tattoo Aftercare

The healing process and/or aftercare is just as essential as the application of the tattoo. It is important to be diligent in the care of your new investment. Here’s what you’ll need: Joshua Tree Healing Salve & Joshua Tree FRAGRANCE-FREE soap or Dove sensitive skin unscented soap.




Your artist will wrap your tattoo with dri-loc pads and plastic wrap. Leave this wrap on for 2 hours. Try not to exceed the recommended time because you want to make sure the tattoo gets a breath of fresh air.

You want to clean your tattoo immediately after the removal of the bandage. It is important to use warm water and a FRAGRANCE-FREE/Unscented soap. Use your finger tips to lather in the soap and then wash away. Let air-dry and then apply a small amount of moisturizer. We’ve had great results using Joshua Tree healing moisturizer and soap. We offer these products in the shop.

The healing process normally takes 2-4 weeks to be completely healed.

Day 1-5: CLEAN your tattoo 2-3 times a day. Once in the morning when you wake up, one time in the middle of the day (if needed) and again at night time before you go to bed. This will prevent infection. MOISTURIZE your tattoo with a THIN layer of Joshua Tree Healing Salve after each wash and when needed. This will ensure that your tattoo won’t dry out and lose the bold and bright look that we aim for.

Day 6-12: Be very sparing with the amount of water you are using to clean the tattoo. Wash 2 times a day. You don’t want soggy art! A tattoo during the healing process can start to peel as early as day 4. DO NOT PICK AT YOUR TATTOO.

Day 12-Beyond: Wash your tattoo at the beginning of the day Keep your tattoo moisturized with fragrance-free lotion until your skin looks normal.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us!